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Baldwin County, Alabama

Providing Fast, Safe & Reliable 24 Hour Towing - Flat Bed Tow Truck & Wrecker Service.  We also offer Quick & Affordable Automobile Roadside Assistance for Baldwin County, South Alabama, including Loxley, Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Foley, Robertsdale, Gulf Shores, Elberta, Bon Secour, Stapleton, Point Clear, Magnolia Springs, Summerdale, Elsanor, Wilcox, Bay Minette...



Stranded where you don’t want to be?

When the unexpected happens, Trust Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance to provide expert friendly service at any time of the day or night. We will meet you on any major highway (I-10, Hwy 59, Hwy 98, Hwy181, etc) or local side street in Baldwin County, Alabama and get you up and running again. Jump starts, tire changes, re-fuels, whatever assistance you need with your automobile, truck or motorcycle – we can handle it quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced technicians are prepared to handle all the dirty work and are fully trained to provide complete service for your entire roadside assistance needs. We will change your flat tire or tow you to a local tire shop if you need a new one. We will unlock your car if the keys get locked inside, refuel your vehicle so that you can get to a gas station safely for a fill-up, or jump start a dead battery to get you moving fast.

Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our drivers are fully trained to provide complete service for your entire roadside assistance needs, but if we are unable to resolve your issue on the spot in a timely manner, we will gladly tow your vehicle to the local destination of your choice.



Need some help with a Breakdown?

With every engine, young and old, there is always the possibility of a breakdown. A small insignificant engine part breaking can sometimes cause a major mechanical malfunction. No matter how well we keep our car or truck maintained, engines can fail at the most unlikely times. No matter where you are in Baldwin County, Alabama, the professional technicians at Mo’s Towing are here to help. In most cases, if it’s not a simple fix, it is extremely difficult and sometimes unsafe to work on an engine right there at the local. As part of our Roadside Assistance Policy, if our experts are not able to get you back on the road quickly, we will gladly tow your vehicle to the destination of your choice anywhere in Baldwin County, Alabama.


Jump Start Assistance

Battery dead and need a Jump Start?

Most car batteries last 3 to 6 years, but where we live, the battery’s quality, and the driving and maintenance habits of its owner can all affect that lifespan. The weather we experience here in Baldwin County, Alabama, can sometime compromise the life of your battery, too. The friendly and reliable service providers from Mo’s Towing know how busy life can be, so we pride ourselves on getting you back on the road quickly. Once we receive your call, one of our professional technicians will promptly be dispatched to your location. We will get your vehicle started and make sure that your battery has recharged enough for you to drive safely. Trust Mo’s Towing for all your Auto Towing and Roadside Assistance needs.


Lockout Services

Locked your keys in your car?

Many of our service calls are simple lock-outs. The staff at Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance are expert car locksmiths that will help you retrieve your keys quickly without damaging your car. Our trucks are equipped with special equipment including slim jims and pump wedges that are designed for unlocking car door without causing any harm to the locking mechanism. Different vehicles require different tools, but at the end of the day, our goal is to get you back into your vehicle quickly and on the road safely.
Key Broke off in the Ignition?

Sometimes a lockout isn’t just forgetting your keys before shutting the car door. Sometime the key actually gets broken off inside the door, or worse yet, the ignition switch! If this happens, don’t trust just anyone to fix it. The electronics in your steering column and ignition system can easily be damaged and end up costing you a lot of money in repairs if the key is not extracted correctly.

Whatever your lockout need, Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance can help. Give us a call and one of our fully equipped roadside service trucks will be quickly dispatched to your local.


Flat Tire Change

Blow out without a spare or just need a tire change?

Don't worry, Mo’s Towing is only a call away and can offer some of the fastest on site response time for roadside assistance in the local area. We are not only fast, but friendly and affordable too! Our well-equipped experts have the tools and the training to quickly and safely change your tire and get you back on the road.

If you encounter a nail or other road hazard and hear that disappointing “thump-thump” sound as you drive down the road, chances are you have a blow-out or flat tire. It is important to know that damaging the rim or valve stem can be very costly to repair. If this happens, pull over as soon and as safely as possible and give us a call. Once dispatched, Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance located in Baldwin County, Alabama, can get there quickly to help you. We have the proper jacks and other equipment to safely and efficiently change any tire. If a spare tire is not available, we would simply tow your vehicle to the local tire shop for service.


Fuel Delivery Service

Run out of Gas and stranded?

Once upon a time, when we ran out of gas, we simply walked, sometimes miles, to the nearest gas station and back. This is no longer necessary. Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance can deliver fuel to your location quickly and affordably. Whether the fuel is grade 87, 89, 91, or diesel, we will bring what you need. Instead of towing your vehicle, we add fuel to your tank and make sure you get to the local gas station safely for a fill-up.

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